Monday, April 28, 2008

Real Estate....Cronulla

Cronulla beach is a five minutes drive from me ...we are in southern Sydney which is surrounded by beautiful waterways.

Known affectionately as God's Country with historic Botany Bay in the north to the magnificent world famous surfing beaches on the east to the serenity of Port Hacking to the south.
This home is for sale - anybody ??????!!!!


Alya said...

I often wonder how you come up with these amazing and truly original homes!

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

oh dear.....probably too much time on the computer and not enough on my house work ??

Dataceptionist said...

Hey justimagine, I'm from the other coastal end of Sydney, also sometimes referred to as God's Country, The Northern Beaches
Nothing better than living near the beach hey?

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

Hi data..........absolutely !!!!!

PS.....Sutherland Shire is the REAL God's country :)