Thursday, March 6, 2008

j u s t i m a g i n e

In December I was standing in the middle of a Target store with my hands full of xmas presies....I receive a phone call from a reporter with the Daily Telegraph (newspaper)......she is doing a story on how to begin a interior scheme.....she says she has already spoken to somebody at Dulux and Porters Paints (boutique paint company) so pretty much had everything she needed but could she ask me a few quick questions.........I start babbling away as I do whenever the subject of colour comes up and well .....half an hour later the conversation is over and I precede to finish my shopping.

Here is the article.......she basically put down every thing I said word for word, didn't quote anybody else .......if I had known she was going to do that I would have been a little bit more imaginative but anyways......I got a full page in the paper !!!

Sorry about the dodgy sister scanned it for me and then I took at screen shot of it.

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sugarloop© said...

wow, your blog is so inspiring! oh and yes, sheba is a birman :)