Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cloth Fabric.......

I love the relaxed Aussie natural vibe of this company.......

Cloth create screen printed textiles, they work with hemp and linen creating contemporary fabric collections here in Sydney, Australia.

I would dearly love a SOMETHING - ANYTHING in one of their fabrics.

two up - beach on cream hemp

recent works have been a range of prints and paintings on recycled textiles and found wood

oooh yummmmm
kangaroo paw - indigo on raw hemp

lampshades - abstract and stoney

looking for water - indigo on raw hemp

It's the perfect fabric to get that modern Australian look....inspiration from the natural landscape -----I love it.


My Notting Hill said...

The pillows are fabulous and I love that last chair!

Alya said...

Everything is so fabulous! I just bookmarked this whole post.

Neutral Dwelling said...

Thanks for the introduction to this fabric company. I love it!

Lynne said...

great fabric! you Aussies are really ruling the Design scene right now. I'm blown away by the talent you have!