Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lucious Velvet

Out browsing this week I came upon the most delicious sofa/lounge.....deep, soft, inviting, even sexy, so texturally touchable...I couldn't keep my hands of it.....the ultimate divine tone of green.....I sat down, sank in and fell in love.

Velvet is really one of the most provocotive fabrics cannot help but react, to touch, it is really quite wickedly sexy. The mere presence of the fabric is capable of physically accelerating my metabollic rate.

Here is a little toast to the rousing, inspiring, elegantly formal or cheekly playful....always eye catching.....velvet.


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ahhhhhh; I know how you feel my little friend !!!


Maria Killam said...

You have found some beautiful images! Love the little baby girl with her dog!! Great post!

Annie Edelman said...

Oh dear! After hearing your words about sexy and touchable velvet I'm a bit nervous as I've just bought some green velvet to make a winter dress. Oh well, watch out world!

Charlie said...

Ahhh....4th and 9th photos are divine. I love the blue velvet sofa so very much. I have been looking for that blue velvet fabric for at least one year to no avail. It would go beautifully in my beige rooms:-) The pink bed is so feminine and restful the pink is so girlish yet it is also tres elegant. Beautiful post!

j u s t i m a g i n e said...
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j u s t i m a g i n e said...

Hi Maria thanks for visiting...I love that image too !!

hahaha Annie I am sure your dress will be divine...and I am sure you will be long as I am not in the vicinity.

Hi Charlie.....thanks for happy you are feeling better !!!

gdaybeautiful said...

I too love velvet couches and chairs, noticed a gorgeous King furniture one in a lovely greyish green recently.

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I love velvet too. Perfect, with winter coming up too. I have two silver velvet pillows on my bed and I just love them.

Anonymous said...