Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hot Chocolate

Grounding warm delicious brown. It's the colour of sinfully good things !!!

Think chocolate, latte or deep espresso. You can't help feel good when you see it.

It's a neutral hue connected with nature, realiability and the earth. . Take a look next time you go the the supermarket and you'll discover that brown is a colour associated with cereals and breads and other healthy products. Packaging for recycled products often use brown.

Comparing the brown and orange mixes used in the sixties, today's browns are much more subtle.

While it is rich and luxurious and terribly sophisticated, brown is also secure and comforting.


Brown works best in rooms with fair amount of natural light or could start to look muddy and drab.

Cosy and comforting brown is a wonderful choice for bedrooms and living areas.

I have to say I take inspiration from my beautiful birman pussycats !!! The pure white little feet and their creamy fur that slowly blends into a gorgeous deep chocolate not to mention the stunning accent of their brillant blue eyes ahhhhhhhh. It's such a effortlessy elegant colour scheme that I adore.
Bottom right hand photo is from Wattyl, colours are Deep Espresso and Glacier Grey.

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PrincesseEmma said...

So they are Birmans!
Thought so!
Please, if you have time, come to my blog to see the photos I just posted of my two Birmans.
I also have two miniture maltese puppies :-)